From a modern take on pet registration and rescue services.


No specialised equipment, anyone can rescue your pet by scanning the QR tag with their mobile.

No Expiry

Registration never expires, contact information can updated at any time, even while pet is lost.

Global Service

Data isn't fragmented across multiple providers like legacy systems, works anywhere including unserviced areas.


Affordable, no recurring costs, no dependence on specialised personnel or government funding.

How It Works?

Secure your pets future in 3 steps.


Add Pet to Blockchain

Register your furry friend to the cardano blockchain for 1 ₳ through petregistry.io.


Attach QR Tag to Pets Collar

Print a free QR Tag or order a plastic/metal QR Tag and attach to your pets collar.


Rescuer Scans Tag

When someone scans your pets QR Tag with their mobile they'll get your latest contact information while you'll be instantly sent the location of where the scan took place.

We are trusted by pet owners around the world. Sign-up now and secure your pets future.

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